Sunday FunDAY with Sparkle ARMAND

Sunday FunDAY with Sparkle ARMAND

Well, we did it.  Our tiny little business is up and running.  Hopefully, it will be a tad larger sometime soon.

We spent the weekend creating an online website via Shopify. The site is:

It will hold all of our inventory, sync up with our Facebook VIP page, hold a "SHOP" button, and hopefully help get sales.  I am working on another website called which will offer more products, but that is in the future.

The Paparazzi box of items arrived while I was at work on Thursday.  Pascual told me that "Your bling just got here and it's in a beautiful pink and black box."  He was so right.  The box is so gorgeous and what is inside is even better!

We will do a live "box opening" party online soon.  This is a very exciting adventure for us.  Pascual moved to Minnesota and has given up a lot to be here with his crazy "Viking" wife.  He said he needed something to keep himself entertained here, so please start ordering quick so he'll be busy!  :)

Today is a beautiful day here in Minnesota and we thank you so much for supporting us in this new chapter of our life.


Karen & Pascual

Sparkle ARMAND

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